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Gingival graft

A gingival graft (also called gum graft or periodontal plastic surgery) strengthens the gums and / or treats its defects in shape and positioning.This graft is feasible by ours dentists in Lille (59000) and Neufchatel-Hardelot (62152 ) near boulogne sur mer.

The lack of gum causes:

• A risk of further gum recession.
• High sensitivity to hot, cold and sweet foods
• An aesthetic problem



The gingival graft involves taking a sample of gum from the palate. The sample is then affixed to one or more teeth with gingival recession (localised gum loss exposing the tooth root).

Gingival graft advantages

• Strengthens and stabilises the gum surrounding the tooth.
• Prevents the gum from receding.
• Reduces tooth sensitivity due to receding gum as the root is protected once again, by the new gum.
• Depending on situations, a gum graft can restore aesthetics.
• The palate wound is limited due to the connective grafting technique which also reduces the palate's sensitivity.