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Implant's Prosthesis


Distributed so as to preserve the nerves that connect the gum to the lips, implants absorb 100% of the pressure from chewing and transfer these forces to the jawbone, which will cease therefore to atrophy. Facial structure is restored and the person has a dentition as aesthetic and functional than the one nature had once provided.Ours dentists in Lille (59000) and/or Neufchatel-Hardelot (62152 ) near Bulogne sur mer will tell you the best choice for you.

Implants provide different types of prostheses:

pro incisive

Replacing an incisor with a unitary implant covered with a fixed crown : perfect illusion of real teeth and maximum protection of oral health

pro unique

Replacing several teeth with dental implants covered with fixed crowns: total illusion of a real dentition and maximum protection for teeth and oral health.

pro superieure

Full upper denture fastened through several implants:

fixed prosthesis with similar comfort to natural teeth

Frees the palatal arch.

pro partiel

Partial replacement of missing teeth with a fixed bridge anchored on implants.

pro amovible4

Removable prosthesis supported by four implants:

The masticatory forces are supported by four implants, and improves by 80%. Comfort and quality of mastication are greatly improved.

pro amovible5

Bottom removable prosthesis supported by 5 implants:

As you can see, five implants are the ideal solution for maintaining complete dentures.

The masticatory forces are divided over the entire prosthesis.

pro amovible8

Top denture supported by 8 implants:

Here, eight osseo-integrated implants support the retaining bar of the prosthesis. Implants bear 100% of masticatory forces and clear the palatal arch.