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A simple solution to mask imperfections

Veneers rectify the esthetics of your teeth and harmonise your smile, while avoiding mutilating therapeutic solutions.
We can also use this technique to hide the space between front tooth when it is too wide, or rebalance your smile. thanks to new technologies such as ceramics used by ours dentists in Lille (59000) and Neufchatel-Hardelot (62152 ) near Boulogne sur mer, veneeres can be set in only one visit and this treatment, like any other dental prosthesis, lasts about 10 years.

This method is higtly indicated when a tooth has had root canal work, or when it is split or damaged. Veneers allow you to maintain an harmonious smile by masking anomalies. Healthy teeth can be esthetically disharmonious and damage self confidence.

Traditional therapeutic methods such as prosthesis ond composites are not indicated in this situation as they can be damaging.

We can also use veneers on all theeth to make your smile more brilliant. Beware of the contrast with the internal face of your teeth! though ceramics processes, for example, guarantee an harmonious smile in only two visits and without affecting your teeth.

The technique

Ours Dentists will begin with a micro-abrasion of the enamel, then creates a dental impression. He then glues on the front part of the tooth a thin ceramic layer (0.6 mm - 0.023 inch) in the desired colour.

The only risk is that the veneers might get loose, but glues are now much more effective and safe. A regular check is necessary however, during an annual visit.

" Enjoy your smile! Facets will make it brighter."