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Teeth whitening

Whether for one tooth or for your entire smile, we can now modify the hue of enamel which is covering your natural teeth. In most cases, only a dental surgeon can help you improve aspect and color of your smile.

Scaling and stain removal can sometimes be innefficient due to a number of factors such as heredity(natural color or tooth aging), medication (such as tetracycline during the tooth formation stage, or anti-depressor), or regular use of foods, (such as coffee, tea, tobacco, wine...).

Teeth whitening is the solution. There are many ways to improve the color of your teeth.Ours dentist in Lille (59000) and Neufchatel-Hardelot (62152 ) near Boulogne sur mer will offer you the best process for your own situation, based on their quality diagnosis, either at the clinics, or in your own home, depending on your situation and your mouth.


There are three main techniques:

Whitening Tray in the clinic

Dentists will create a made-to-measure gutter from a dental impression. We then put in this gutter a high-concentration whitening gel, and apply the gutter during a period of 20-90 minutes, depending of the initial state of the tooth. You will have to remain in the clinics for the applicable duration, since the dental surgeon will act immediately in case of high sensitivity.

Apllying a gel activated by a laser of hight energy lamp

This is the most spectacular technique, requiring a few precautions. In applicable cases, a single session can provide the required result.

Whitening Tray at home

This "mobile treatment" starts in the clinic where we'll take your dental impression. Back home, you will fill the tray with a low-dosage peroxyde hydrogen gel. You will wear the tray preferably during the day, for a duration of 15 minutes to 1 hour a day, according to your prescription. This is the most lengthy technique to obtain a result. Due to the products toxicity, they can only be delivered with a low dosage. In some extreme situations, we can start with a whitening tray treatment in the clinic, and finish with the whitening tray at home.

Beware of "miraculous" products sold over the counter!

Whitening techniques require the application of dangerous products, which must be used under medical supervision. In case of sensitivity, we strongly advise that you stop the treatment and consult a dental surgeon before the nerve of the tooth might be damaged.


Only your dental surgeon can provide whitening under the safe and professional environment which is esssential for your health, your comfort and your esthetics. Whitening is only possible on a healthy dentition, where no gum inflammation is present.


Most whitening requirements can be achieved thanks to the whitening expertise of your dental surgeon.

results are usualy truly visible after 15 days, for 4 to 5 years, depending on the patient's lifestyle (whethere they use coffe, tobacco etc...)
Whatever technique Dr Regnault will select for you, he will start with an in-depth dental assessment in order to check for any contra-indication such as cavities pending treatment, root canal teeth, a week enamel or any gum inflammation. He will begin with an efficient scaling. We only suggest a whitening treatment for very stained teeth.

You can improve the color by half or even one shade. However it is best to stay as close as possible to the natural color of the teeth in order to maintain the overall harmony of your face.

Tips for a luminous smile

A good daily dental hygiene, scaling and gum check every 6 months;

Rinsing your mouth with a large glass of water after drinking tea or coffee;

Forget about cigarettes and please do not use a liquorice stick instead!
Ladies, use a slightly Mesdames, selecta slightly tanned foundation to highlight the whiteness of your teeth, and for a glamorous smile choose deep coloured lipsticks.