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Teeth Decay

Tooth decay is an infectious disease due to bacteria. It can produce cavities.

When bacteria gather in one point, they become stronger and create your tooth's demineralisation, which makes your tooth more fragile and brittle.

When the cavity causes pain (tooth ache), it is too late, we have to proceed to a root canal treatment, adapting a crown to protect the tooth.
The cavity doesn't always happen on a live tooth. Therefore it can happen without pain, but is sill dangerous for your tooth's durability.

First visible signs:
• Gums are red and bleeding.

• Food particles can be seen at first glance, and harbour bacteria.

Circumstances contributing to the disease:

• Lack of efficiency of saliva in fighting bacteria

• Weak enamel

• Mouth anatomy

• Badly positioned teeth

• Badly fitted crowns

• Demineralised spots on the enamel area.

Evolution of the disease:

Bacteria continue their destruction of the tooth, pain becomes more and more important and frequent. When they reach the pulp which contains the nerve, acute tooth ache begins. From then on, a whole set of infections are possible, among which abscess and cyst are the most frequent. There might also be a swelling of the gum, the cheek, etc. Tooth decay always progress and extend in the whole tooth until its total destruction. It often then moves on to nearby teeth.

The aggravating causes of the disease:

• Food deposits and sugars originating from food and favoring the proliferation of bacteria

• Lack of fluorine
• Orthodontic devices
• General health
• Some medication

• Pregnancy

Today ours dentists in Lille (59000) and Neufchatel-Hardelot (62152 ) near Boulogne sur mer can help you to protect yourself from toothe decay and cavities.
Cavities must be stopped as fast as possible. Click here to know more about the treatment of cavities.