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Sterilisation and asepsis

aseptieCommitted to providing his patients with the best care in the best conditions,ours dentists in Lille (59000) and Neufchatel-Hardelot (62152 ) near Boulogne sur mer of "Cabinet Dentaire Global" applies the strictest and most up-to-date protocols.
To perform a bone or gum grafting, fix an implant, diagnose gum disease, whiten your teeth... These are all very different acts that might require different preparation and equipment.
The set-up of the 3 treatment rooms in our clinic allows our patients to always be received on time in a perfectly decontaminated room, prepared specifically for the planned treatment.
Cabinet Dentaire Global instruments are organised in individual metal containers. This way, the required instruments for a specific medical act are organised together in a single container, thus providing ideal aseptic and ergonomic conditions as well as maximum safety when handling instruments.
Finally, the equipment storage outside of the treatment rooms maximizes asepsis and frees the space in the treatment rooms to offer you a friendly place where you can even watch your DVD or the blue sky...

Before each appointment:

The treatment room surfaces, the chair and the air are decontaminated and disinfected.
The instrumentation required for your treatment is set-up in the treatment room, enclosed in sterilisation packaging on which you can see the sterilisation cycle indicators and references.

After each appointment:

The treatment room is cleared of all used equipment.
The room surfaces, the chair and the air are decontaminated and disinfected.
All waste and single use materials are thrown away specific bins, collected and disposed of by specialised companies according to strict regulations.
Reusable equipment is subjected to a complete decontamination-sterilisation complete cycle:
- Decontamination,Cleaning,Rinsing and drying by special machine;
- Manual checkups of all instruments and metal trays;
- Packing of trays and / or instruments in specialised bags;
- Sterilisation in one of ours autoclaves;
- Accurate sterilisation execution check through extras indicators on each package and through the steriliser's report;
- Exact references of the sterilization cycle listed on each package;
- Archiving of sterilisation indicators and reports;
- Storage of sterilised packs in a closed sheltered cupboard;.