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3D dental scanner

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Cone Beam Computed Tomography (or CBCT, also referred to as C-arm CT, cone beam volume CT, or flat panel CT) is currently the most up to date technique used in dental imagery.
In only one pass, ours dentists in Lille (59000) can x-ray the whole mouth, rebuild a visual 3D rendition, and navigate through it ; millimeter per millimeter, slice per slice, visualising the teeth, bone tissue, main nerves, etc... with a much higher lever of precision than a medical scanner, and using a lower radiation level.
Therefore this tool allows us to have the ideal preventative approach. It is virtually impossible to miss an infection with this kind of examination. We can refine a diagnosis, explain a pathology, and therefore make therapeutical choices based on reality rather then assumptions.
This is the most efficient examination technique in implantology. Thanks to cone beam, we can visualise available bone volume, and protect noble structures such as nerves.
These 3D images can be studied using a dedicated software for implantology. This software gives us the possibility to choose the size and shape of implants and simulate their position, all of this using virtual imagery.
This way, you can see and understand your treatment plan.

Being able to use such a tool within our clinics has several benefits:
* Each step is realised in one place. You don't need to get an X-ray appointment in a different location anymore for this kind of examination. This saves time for you and for us.
* The result is instantaneous. We can validate the treatment plan immediately.
* When we realise complex interventions, (Sinus Lift, Bone grafting, etc...) we can check the result immediately.