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Laser treatments

laser jpgSave your teeth thank to Laser technology!

Laser technology for oral care, not easily available yet, constitutes unmistakably a considerable improvement as we entered the twenty-first century. It applies particularly to periodontal diseases, main reason for tooth loss.


In our clinics, we use LASER, an optic fibre based, multi-usage laser, created and produced in France.lokki hard cl


Uses for laser treatment

- Periodontal disease treatment

- Cysts removal

- Sterilisation and vitrification of tooth decay damaged dentin

- Desensitising of tender tooth neck
- Roots Disinfection

- Tooth abscesses cure
- Gums' inflammation treatment

- Healing of herpes and mouth ulcer sores
- Scars Bio-stimulation after surgery, tooth extractions, implants
- Treatment of lichens

- and many more........

There is no pain following a laser treatment !


LASER and periodontal disease

It requires a rigorous operating protocol in its application, both on the practitioner's and on the patient's side. Without the active participation of the patient in their daily hygiene, no cure can seriously be envisaged.

It is useful to remember that many oral health problems (cavities, bleeding gums , tooth drifting out) originate  from the proliferation of germs.
Genetic inheritance and bad teeth positioning do not explain everything.

If the natural immune defenses of the body are overpowered by these proliferating germs, problems arise quickly and are sometimes very difficult to stop, especially if heredity comes into play!
This is particularly true for the loss of bone support (commonly called teeth loosening) .
When the disease process is initiated, sometimes as early as 40 years old, tooth loss is looming ...

Until of dental LASER treatment was made available, treatment options were limited.

Today, after sanitising the mouth using various antiseptics and using a LASER treatment, we have the possibility to stop periodontal disease and even potentially consider a truly spectacular partial bone regeneration, visible on X-ray.

During the 80s and 90s, periodontal surgery was widely used, results where often quite poor.
Now, we can identify perfectly all the germs that cause dental problems, and from there on, surgery may give way to less aggressive techniques, including LASER treatment .

The initial consultation with ours dentists in Lille (59000)or/and Neufchatel-Hardelot (62152 ) near Boulogne sur Mer will be extremely thorough and extensive. We will

- perform a panoramic x-ray.

- analyse identified germs

- offer a treatment plan.   


Using laser, not only are tissues sterilized, but better yet a real bio-stimulation at the cellular level than American scientists are only now beginning to describe.

LASER treatments also accelerates cells regeneration. Processes are not yet fully clarified by the scientific community. However, both the technique and its operating protocol are fully validated.

A sense of well-being and comfort in your mouth can be experienced after a few days.
The therapeutic results really start to show 3 or 4 months on. They are often spectacular, ruined teeth can be recovered.

We will control progress with panoramic X-rays.

The whole mouth must be treated, over 2 sessions, to ensure there are no germs left. It is not an option to do half on the treatment first and the second half a year later.

When the bactericidal effect is fully achieved, further sessions should then be considered to renew deficient dental fillings and dentures or unsuitable crowns.

This is required to prevent recurrence.

Similarly it is essential to plan and replace missing teeth, using bridges or implants in order to avoid also the drifting of remaining teeth.