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Postoperative Care

Following surgery, we advise that you follow a few simple rules to promote healing and eliminate pain or postoperative complications..


Take two painkiller tablets just after the operation, then another one every four hours during the first day. You can then lower the dose during the following days, depending on the intensity of your pain. If these are ineffective, contact the doctor promptly.

Swelling might occur gradually and will only disappear around the third day. This should not worry you.

You may notice slight traces of blood in your saliva during the first ten hours. This is normal. If bleeding is more important, contact the dentist.

Teeth brushing

On postoperative day 1:

Do not rinse your mouth with anything for the first 10 hours.
Do not brush your teeth on the operated area, but brush other areas with your usual toothbrush and toothpaste, as recommended by the dentist.

From postoperative day 2 to 5:

After brushing the non-operated areas, begin mouthwashing with the recommended solution.
Apply toothpaste on the operated area, using your fingers or a "7 / 100 postoperative toothbrush"

After 5th postoperative day:

Start brushing the operated area, using a "7 / 100 postoperative toothbrush" at first, then using a "surgical 15/100 surgical toothbrush" after the sutures are removed.


Although you might not feel hungry after surgery, the body needs strength to help the healing, you must therefore continue to eat... with some precautions:
Immediately after surgery, avoid hot food or drink for 24 hours. The following days, food should be liquid or mixed.
Do not remain on an empty stomach: your body needs to be able to sustain on food to support healing.
Avoid bread and pastry, the remnants of these foods are difficult to remove and their composition is likely to delay healing.
Avoid fruit juice and vinegar based-salad dressing. Like all acids, they are irritating.

Avoid drinking alcohol.

Use little salt, and avoid pepper, chili, and spicy gravy and sauces.

We suggest you eat primarily: broth, soups, eggs, vegetable juice, pasta, cheese, mashed vegetables, mince meats, malted milk, milk shakes, banana, custard, pudding, yogurt, ice cream...

Daily Activities

After the operation, you can resume your normal activities, avoiding any violent exercises. You might feel slightly tired during the first 24 to 72 hours.