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Dental cyst

A cyst is a benign tumor. However if it is not removed, it can lead to the loss of one or more teeth. It is due to toxic bacteria being present in the root of the teeth.

Cyst1Its origin

It can have several origins:
• a shock
• a cavity
• incomplete root treatment.

In summary, anything that could induce the presence of toxic bacteria in the teeth's canals can generate a cyst.


Usually, a cyst grows with no pain and no external sign over several years. There may be a slight swelling of the the gum or a tiny spot (known as a fistula), which would allow for pus to be evacuated. The cyst can also grow towards neighboring teeth, sinuses, or nasal fossa, and trigger more serious health issues. It can eventually lead to an abscess which will require a treatment using antibiotics, but this would only treat external symptoms without really treating the cyst which will eventually return.

cyst 3


Ours dentistes in Lille (59000) and Neufchatel-Hardelot (62152 ) near Boulogne sur mer have to remove the cause, meaning disinfect the root canals on the first appointment, and then apply a crown to seal the tooth or teeth.

In about 80 to 90 % of cases, the cyst then heals. in other cases, a curettage must be performed surgically through the gum, so the root can be closed from its extremity. If the cyst is difficult to access or too important, the tooth must be extracted.