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Publishing Director: Patrick Regnault & Philippe Sainte-Marie, Dental Surgeons at Lille (59) and Neufchatel-Hardelot (62)

Registration to the French Dental Surgeons Association

This website has been created in accordance with the required charter for French Dental Surgeons' Websites, to improve the quality of our service. However, it cannot substitute a consultation at the clinic.

This website is meant to inform the visitor about our team, the tools and techniques we are using, the clinic's organisation, as well as legal and medical information in accordance with currently available scientific knowledge.

This website doesn't include any advertisement, nor is it funded by any advertisement funds. This website is entirely paid for by its owner.

Person information about our website's visitors, including their identity, are confidential and will never be shared. The website's owner guarantees the confidentiality of this information in respect with French law.

The current status of internet technology does not allow us to guarantee the confidentiality of e-mail. Your address will never be shared in any corcumstances with any unauthorised third party.

Link to the Conseil National de l'Ordre des Chirurgiens-Dentistes (French Dentists Association):

Formation des chirurgiens-dentiste

Règles déontologiques de la profession

Guide de lecture des sites internet

We cannot be held responsible for any information regarding the CABINET DENTAIRE GLOBAL in any way, that shall be published or transfered without our authorisation on any other website.

Any unauthorised use of all or part of these rights by any unauthorised person or entity could lead to legal pursuits.

All dental surgeons practicing in our Clinics are members of an A.G.A.

You can contact them throught our contact form.

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